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Use makeup effectively to hide pimples

Use Makeup Effectively to Hide Pimples

Nowadays, everyone is leaving a hectic life. Resulting in quick outbreak of pimple problems. It is important for you to know that factors for this problem vary from person to person. For some, it may be hormone change, anxiety, over consumption of sweets, filthy lifestyle, junk food, and several others. The problem aggravates when pimple reduce the magnetism of your personality just before attending the big event. However, you essentially need to visit the dermatologist to get the proper solutions but it takes time. In order to get the immediate results, you can confidently depend upon the effective makeup techniques. Read the tips underneath provided by the best makeup artist in Delhi to help yourself. Dependency upon this info must help with similar standards.

 Hide pimple with these makeup tips:

Intelligent use of foundation, face powder and concealer work wonderfully to hide the pimples for a short period of time. Let’s now check the further details for this procedure. Spot the problem area and apply some foundation powder to make sure that makeup does not look heavy on your face.

Required makeup gears


Top makeup artist in India always advise to choose premium quality primer for your skin. This measure confirms that your skin will not get any kind of side effect like hyper pigmentation or blemishes. Also, use thin layer to keep different kinds of unpredictable conditions aside.


You are advised to use a skin-friendly concealer. Use of color corrector also works perfectly to hide dark circles, pores and wrinkles.

Concealer brush

It is an essentially required product to effectively use and prepare the mixture with ease.


Always apply a non-comedogenic base if your skin is acne prone. Carelessness in this regard might create big problems to compromise on significant terms

Taking-One By One Step

Simple method to hide pimples

Simple method to hide pimples


Way 1

Clean and moisturize skin: It is very essential to clean skin before starting the process.In order to clean the face properly, you can use an olive oil dipped cotton ball. Premium quality face packs can also be used for the same.

Way 2

Apply primer: According to the trained makeup artist primer acts as the wall between makeup and your skin. Therefore, it must be of good quality. Use of low-grade product might create big problems to compromise upon considerable terms.

Way 3

Use color corrector: Green color corrector works perfectly to cover pigmentation and redness. Use soft brush to carry out the process without any problem as well as in quick time.

Way 4

Use Foundation: Never forget to make the intelligent use of foundation powder. Again,it should be of good quality to keep different kinds of unforeseen situations aside.

Way 5

Use powder to finish the things:  According to your choice, you can use a thin layer of powder to avoid looking over shiny.

Top bridal makeup artist in Delhi also suggest to not touch the skin frequently or use water. Accordingly, your makeup will last long.

Now you are ready to wear the mesmerizing look to stun onlookers.

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