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makeup Academy Course Fees

La Lavanda Makeup Academy Course Fees

La Lavanda Makeup Studio & Academy offers a wide range of job-oriented beauty courses in beauty therapy, nail art, skin care, hair care & styling, makeup & beauty, personal grooming and much more.

La Lavanda Makeup Academy curriculum, course fee and certificate provided may vary.

Fee Payment Made Easy

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Pay required fees for your beauty course by Cash, Cheque, Credit/ Debit Cards.

There are many makeup institutes in Delhi where you can learn different kinds of makeup& beauty courses of choice. But it is important to learn from the reputed beauty and makeup schools which do not only provide extensive training but also help in the best possible manner to make sure that you properly stand on your own legs. With required potential and skills, you can easily become the highly efficient professional. Irrespective of your choice of starting any kind of business regarding beauty & makeup industry, it is very important to get training from the best institute. Today, we are being reviewed as one of the best beauty and makeup schools named by La Lavanda Makeup Institute.

You will never remain option less while looking for the best make course. La Lavanda Makeup Studio  offers several professional beauty courses including Professional Makeup Artist Course, Personal Grooming Course And Professional Hair-styling Course.

What is the fee structure for make-up courses offered by La Lavanda Makeup Studio & Academy?

You essentially need to know that fee structure depends upon the course chosen. We basically offer three highly recommended makeup courses including.

Amount of fees largely depend on the courses. It is recommended reaching La Lavanda Makeup Institute for dependable quotations. Representative will definitely answer your all queries with authentic solution. Anyway, fee for make-up courses go to several thousands.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

According to the opinions of Makeup Artist In Delhi NCR, makeup always remains the main concern for brides. As a matter of fact, most of the brides flaunt wheatish skin but they do not find the right kind of products to meet the expectation. Despite trying best efforts, they only find products for paler skin.  Reportedly, right kind of foundation powder is not available even on the leading outlets. Same is the condition with lipstick shades.

Brides with wheatish skin find it difficult to look fabulous on the big day of wedding. But it is not that difficult as you think. By following below mentioned tips, you can easily mesmerize the groom with gorgeous looks.

Here is the List of Top Bridal Makeup Tips For Wheatish Skin

Give A Flawless Finish To Your Face With Right Foundation Powder

  • In order to prepare base before wearing makeup of choice, you are advised to apply right kind of foundation powder with soft brush. Several products are easily available at the leading retail outlets. You can reach any out of them according to your choice. For additional benefits, you can also carry out the discussion with the in house makeup artist.
  • Another excellent way to find the perfect match for foundation is careful selection. Experts recommend going for 3 shades. One:Go for a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Two:Choose the product that matches your skin tone. Three: You can also go for darker shade in comparison with your skin tone. In order to keep any kind of inconvenience aside, you can also carry out the experiment before the big day.
  • Never forget to apply the concealer while dealing with the discoloration, unwanted spots/marks and blemishes. Tiring efforts are not needed to find the best quality concealer. There are several options easily available on the leading retail outlets.
  • If, you do not find the right shade despite trying best efforts then purchase two shades. One: That is lighter than your skin tone. Second: That is close to your skin tone. Create the perfect mixture of both and apply carefully with soft hands.
  • In order to create the expected effect, you are advised to use powder. Also do not go for the transparent powder as it becomes little ashy on certain areas.
  • Whenever you are applying foundation powder then cover the neck area as well. This measure helps to give the even look throughout.

Consider Cheeks With Effective Use Of Rose

  • Select Coral and Deep Plums for blushes in shades.They make cheeks look balanced as well as helps to flaunt the radiant look.
  • You can also go for foundation powder that is darker than your skin tone.Effective use of this foundation powder gives chiseled look.

Perfect Eye Makeup

  • Copper/Dull Gold eye shadows always work perfectly for the wheatish skin tone. Both these shades are easily available in the market at affordable price.
  • Green,blue and brown shades work perfectly for the eyeliners.You are also advised to ditch the idea of neon look.
  • Use of false eyelashes is also a good idea to consider.They undoubtedly enhance the magnetism of your eye makeup.

Use Colors For Your Lips

  • Purple, Burgundy, Plum and berry shades are perfect for lips.
  • If, you are thinking about the neon shades then pair lipstick with darker shade of lip pencil.
  • Effectively use lip pencil to create the line.This tip works perfectly for lipstick to last long.

Marriage functions always prove exhausting and exhilarating affair on multiple terms.Therefore, it is very important to maintain top Bridal Makeup Tips to look gorgeous among relatives and family members.According to the leading experts of the makeup and beauty industry,implementation of above-mentioned tips definitely helps in a wonderful way.

Makeup Academy Course Fees In Delhi

Do You Want To Know About Makeup Academy Course Fees In Delhi?

Admission Process

Aspirant must be 18 or more year of age to join the makeup course. Complete details can be checked by visiting or dialing Alisha Mehta makeup academy in Delhi. No candidate ever faces monetary problems to pursue ambitious goals at this institute as Makeup Academy Course Fees In Delhi is competitive to come in range of people even with limited income resources.

After getting the admission, candidates train at makeup training academy. Our experts will then take you through the detailed course. They will not only clear every concept of the beauty and makeup with detailed theory classes buy also let you get hands on the practical classes for better knowledge and understanding.

Affordable Fee Structure To Suit Everybody

  • Fee is different for particular course. Therefore, it is essential for you to check the fee structure and other expenses in prior stage to escape considerable monetary issues.
  • In order to help aspirants in a budget-friendly manner, we let them pay the free in two stages. During enrollment process, they essentially have to pay 50% amount in advance. Whereas, rest of the amount can be paid on monthly or quarterly basis.
  • No money will be refunded in any case.
  • Your fees include all kinds of expenses like required materials, cleaning equipment, brushes, tools, etc. Please remember, candidates will be liable for the expenses of stationary and related things.

Where are Makeup Course Institute in Delhi?

Center Location

The complete address of where the Center is located is mentioned below:

Address: Plot No. 19, 4th Floor, Rekha Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110015 Near Block A Mansarover Garden

How to Reach Us

[email protected]

Contact Details



Terms and Conditions

  • Behaviour- Every student is advised to behave in a proper way. we maintain zero tolerance policy against alcohol consumption, drugs or any other kind of malpractice.
  • Attendance- Regular attendance is necessary to get the certificate. In case of emergency, you have to notify the representative according to the academy’s policies.
  • Payment- We have maintained flexible payment policies. As per your convenience, you can pay the entire amount during the enrollment process. In case, you do not feel comfortable with the same then pay 50% amount in advance and rest of the money with the course of time.
  • No Filming, recording/Photography- Every student essentially has to maintain each and every policy in and around the academy. Any kind of misconduct would not be tolerated in any case.
  • Future Job Opportunities- We provide 100% job placement for our candidates. If, any of the aspirants failed to join the company, fashion house or brand for any reason then it would be her responsibility to find the job.
makeup courses academy in Delhi

What Makeup Academy To Choose For Better Training?

Makeup industry undoubtedly offers a great career. Therefore, a large number of aspirants look at makeup courses academy in Delhi. to make a successful career while earning according to their expectation as well as giving proper value to their potential. It is important for you to know that all the glitters you see in this industry come after hard work and innovative use of skills and talent. For the same, it is very necessary to push yourself in order to become the efficient and popular makeup artist. Top-of-the-line experts of this beauty and fashion industry suggest to sharpen the skills at the certified makeup training institute in New Delhi.

Learn beauty concepts in best hair & makeup school in Kirti Nagar New Delhi

With the guidance of experienced instructor, you will learn all positive and negative aspects of this sector. In addition, you will find it easier to give shape to your imagination and creativity. Above given lines also confirm that you also have to check multiple points before enrolling at any makeup artist academy. Attention in this regard is very necessary because it proves very difficult to switch the academy after paying the required fee and other charges. Besides, it becomes difficult to enroll with another one despite having genuine intentions. Just because of this constraint always make best use of your acumen and ask for the below mentioned points while selecting.

  • How this academy is different from others and why should I choose this one among counterparts?
  • Does this academy follow standardized training courses to teach with strong basics?
  • Would I get job assistance to start the career with ease?
  • Whether administration has signed pact with any fashion house or brand. So that, I can get exposure to the industry in a comfortable manner?
  • Does academy keep progressive approach towards the benefits of the candidates?
  • Also check that if company is using cosmetic products of one particular brand or management keeps ambivalent approach towards this exercise?
  • Confirm the details about theory classes as well as for practical classes?
  • Does guest faculty visit the academy to share their experiences?
  • Would academy take additional charges apart from the free?
  • Does academy take you to the fashion shows and other kinds of exhibitions and events so that you can understand the industry with closer look?

Best Hair & Makeup School Maintains Top Standards While Teaching

Above given questions however works perfectly to judge the professionalism of top makeup training institute. Despite this, list of questions comprehends more points. All of the questions could not be given in one writer due to shortage of space. But we advise you to keep free spirit during the consultation. This approach will certainly help you to purse the right makeup course in Delhi NCR at highly popular training institute for better understanding of the makeup and beauty industry.

Easily Find Best Makeup Institute In Mansarover Garden West Delhi

You never need to stray or their if looking for the quality training. Contact La Lavanda to meet the expectations in a comfortable manner. This leading institute is run and operated by the leading industry experts ‘Alisha Mehta‘. Along with entire staff, Alisha Mehta herself takes best care for the benefits and conveniences of candidates while teaching professional bridal makeup artist course. Consequently, never leaves a single stone unturned while teaching the basics of makeup industry. At this dominating makeup academy, you can learn almost every characteristic of the industry to make a successful career. Main highlights of this academy are:

  • Bridal makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Red Carpet event makeup
  • Ramp makeup
  • Fashion makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Silicone makeup and much more

The finest business standard of this academy is regular updates for the curriculum. It simply means you will never remain devoid of learning the new techniques. Contact the representatives now to confirm the details as well as do the needful to book seat for the upcoming session.

Makeup Artist Course Kirti Nagar Delhi

Best Makeup Course Kirti Nagar Delhi | 100% Live Training

Almost every dominating makeup artist in Delhi NCR suggests to create the detailed profile when you consult them for making the reputed and successful career as the popular makeup artist. While creating the portfolio, you essentially need to include all points about your skills and efficiency so that reader can easily know about your competency. The next step in line is to create a business network and maintain good relations with models, stylists, photographers and other related professionals. This approach helps to reflect the true image of your profession. This strategy also helps to get jobs at regular interval without doing anything tiring.

Makeup Artist Course Kirti Nagar Delhi

It is a widely prevalent rule that business is not an easy task to start. First, you essentially have to develop the necessary skills and gain experience under the supervision of the certified expert. Later, you need to put the hard work to fetch the optimum results. Always remember, it is a very tiring task. Therefore, never look at the time and comfort. If, you are planning to get training under the popular Professional makeup artist in Delhi NCR then always choose the efficient one. There are many makeup training institutes Kirti Nagar Delhi available in an around your area. Never compromise with the curriculum and theory classes. Always carry out the research in initial phase. Carry out the candid conversation with the representative and take immediate decision in this regard to help yourself.

In order to help you in the best possible manner. We are here providing the details about some considerable points which can be discussed in initial phase before enrolling with any makeup academy.

  • Every makeup academy always starts learning with the proper knowledge and understanding of the skin, moisture of the skin, texture and other related issues. This is the foremost point to consider towards making the strong basics in order to make a successful career as the trained makeup artist.
  • In the next phase of your study, you learn about the toning, cleansing, healing, removal of dark spots, tanning, skin rashes and other marks. It also focuses on the practical training. So that, you can have the expert hand for the same. Eyebrows and eyelashes also remain the foremost points of this category.
  • In the third phase of your study you get specialization for a special category like bridal makeup, fashion makeup, photo shoots and others. There are many categories available for the same. Out of them, you can select any according to your choice. For proper selection, you can also talk to your instructor without any doubt.

Attention towards above mentioned measures always helps you to choose the right makeup training academy. So, always keep eagle eye watch towards these points to stay away of different kinds of hassles and train under the best makeup artist.

Address: Plot No. 19, 4th Floor, Rekha Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Tips To Make A Successful Career As Top Makeup Artist

Are you planning to become a trained and popular makeup artist in Delhi NCR in near future? And, looking forward to get training under the leading beauty experts at state-of-the-art makeup studio then reach La Lavanda makeup Academy. It is best in class makeup Academy. In order to serve aspirants in the best possible manner, Alisha Mehta offers detailed course and training to make sure that every candidate is making the strong foundation while learning each and every aspect of the fashion and beauty industry to perform outstandingly among counterparts.

Profession of a makeup artist

It is very important for you to know that profession of makeup artist always remains full of challenges. Therefore, the person essentially has to be creative and innovative to set new trends in the market.  Without effective use of creativity, it would prove highly difficult to survive despite having awesome potential. On the other hand, intelligent use of creativity and innovative execution of cosmetic products help to reach the new heights in fashion and beauty industry. While working with the global magazines, fashion houses, film studios and other dominating platforms, you also get the chances to win reputed awards from the leading regulatory bodies and celebrities. There are also good chances to work as freelancer and earn a handsome amount of money on regular basis.

Some Tips To Become The Popular Makeup Artist

Know Your Potential

Learning is the key. Therefore, you are advised to not stop learning at any stage of your profession. It is important for you to know that new technologies and products keep coming at regular interval. You necessarily need to learn and understand about their usage and execution to survive the tough competition. Without doing so, you will lose trust of the clients to cash in the profession. Contrarily, learning of new techniques always keep you updated to lead in category.

Never Stop Experimenting

Experiment with new looks is the next point of this profession.  It is important for you to know that leading fashion magazines and film studios keep looking for those makeup artists who can take fashion to the new level in order to configure new definition for the appearance and magnetism. According to the leading experts of this field more experiments you carry out to shine your skills more opportunities you get to earn money and become popular among all. It is easy to get the ideas for experiments. Keep reading informative blogs, scan pictures, give some time to thinking and never afraid to implement the bold steps. However, it is necessary to take clients in confidence. Otherwise, you might fell into a very problematic situation.

Enroll With The Approved Makeup Academy

Detailed training at the approved makeup academy is very important to know about the pros and cons of the beauty industry. Also, so do not hesitate to ask the questions to your instructors. This approach will boost your confidence as well as fortify your basics. La Lavanda is the most popular Academy in Delhi NCR. You can confidently enroll with this extremely popular studio.  Entire staff takes best care for the understanding and knowledge of aspirants. Due to this approach they always clear every aspect in theory classes as well as let candidates have expert hand during practical sessions.

Reach La Lavanda if looking forward to hire the services of top Bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR. Alisha Mehta is the finest airbrush makeup artist in town. Confirm details on phone and book appointment as well.

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