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Hairstyles for Girls

14 Easy Hairstyles for Girls to Look Cute and Cool

Existing hairstyle list contains new hairstyle for girls provided by Makeup Artist In Delhi. However, you can try any of them but nothing is better than wearing easy and simple hairstyle. These styles take less time to complete as well as decreases the possibilities of hair fall to the significant level. Anyway, leading hairstylist of the industry have derived some fantastic bridal hairstyles which look perfect on Saree. Ladies with long hairs never need to try big efforts to find the suitable hairstyles for them. There are many options to choose from. It is important for you to know that new hairstyle keep coming on regular basis. Fashion-conscious ladies can select any of them but remain careful while making the selection.

Nowadays, short hairstyles are in trend because they do not require much time. Actually, requirements of current times support short and simple hairstyles for girls. Confidently, go for these options. Leading experts of the beauty industry provide step by step guide regarding hairstyle. They recommend bun hairstyle to most of the ladies as it perfectly suits every personality. It looks fantastic in photos. Indian ladies like it to the large extent as it reflects a proper Indian look. Families will feel delighted to know that now exciting attractive hairstyles are also available for their kids. 

Puff is also a good option to consider as a nice hairstyle. It is apparently a fantastic option in comparison with other styles. Leading industry experts call it perfect to wear with your expensive and designer gown. Overall, long hairs are perfect to wear any hairstyle from curls to braid to anything else. Long and strong hairs also help to try new hairstyle every time.

14 Simple Hairstyles For Girls With Short And Long Hair:

  • Wavy Hairstyles
  • Teen Hairstyles
  • Bun Hairstyles
  • Updo Hairstyles
  • Medium Hairstyles
  • Bob Hairstyles
  • Curly Hairstyles
  • Braid Hairstyles
  • Hairstyle Trends
  • Bridal Hairstyles
  • Celebrity Hairstyles
  • Short Hairstyles
  • Long Hairstyles
  • Different Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Girls:

1.Wavy Hairstyles


Elite class ladies prefer wavy hairstyles over all other available options. Waves on their hairs look perfect to suit the personality and elegance.

2.Teen Hairstyles


Teenagers now do not need to worry about the wastage of time for hairstyles. There are many options for teen hairstyles easily available. Choose any of them that suits your personality and looks.

3.Bun Hairstyles

Donut Bun Hairstyle

Ladies with long hairs can confidently go for bun hairstyles. Longer hair they possess better bun hairstyle you get to look different from others.

4.Updo Hairstyles


Updo hairstyles are the new trends in the beauty and fashion industry. Any lady can go for this who wants to look confident among counterparts.

5.Medium Hairstyles


You never need to worry about the hair fall problem for medium hairstyles. They are easy to get while looking different and stunning among all.

6.Bob Hairstyles


Ladies with short hair can choose bob hairstyles without any problem. It is easy to maintain and carry. However, make sure that confidence is not going away of your face during the gathering.

7.Curly Hairstyles


According to the leading experts of the industry, curly hairstyles are evergreen options to look different and confident. Also make sure that you are carrying the suitable outfit with curls.

8.Braid Hairstyles


Go for braid hairstyles if you are looking forward to wear a simple yet elegant hairstyle while going to attend a spectacular event. It is easy to carry as well as takes less time to keep wastage of time aside.

9.Hairstyle Trends


Hairstyle trends keep changing on regular basis to provide more and more option to fashion-conscious ladies. Select any of them according to your personality and taste to look different and fabulous.

10.Bridal Hairstyles


No need to say that every bride wants to look gorgeous with outstanding bridal hairstyles. You are advised to start preparation few months before having that attractive hairstyle. Tresses require time to add length.

11.Celebrity Hairstyles


Celebrities keep introducing new celebrity hairstyles on regular basis. You can easily try any of them if you have stronger and shiny hair. Be careful while trying. Use of force might cause hair fall.

12.Short Hairstyles


Short hairstyles do not require much time and maintenance. As a matter of fact, you can easily carry short hair without giving much time to hair styling.

13.Long Hairstyles


Long hairs always remain a dream for most of the ladies because they make it easier to look different with attractive long hairstyles. Maintain healthy lifestyle and take proper care for your tresses if you want long hairs.

14.Different Hairstyles


Going for different hairstyles is always a proven approach to look different and elegant. Make sure you are choosing a right option to increase your glam-quotient.

Hair styling is a continuously increasing sector of the beauty and fashion industry. Leading hair stylists keep introducing new styles on regular basis to serve fashion-conscious ladies in a professional manner. Above, we have provided some fantastic options to choose from. Select any of them according to your wish. Never forget to take proper care for your tresses. You obviously cannot try new hairstyles with weak hairs. Always try your best efforts to keep hairs strong and shiny so that you can try new hairstyles with confidence.

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Awesome Makeup Tips You Can Follow With Yellow Dress

7 Awesome Makeup Tips You Can Follow With Yellow Dress

Nature has given us many colors to wear. Careful use of those with right makeup definitely helps to look ravishing among all family members and relatives. Wear them carefully according to your personality. Otherwise, you will become a laugh material in the event. Read the details, provided by Makeup Artist In Delhi, to help yourself.

Awesome Makeup Tips You Can Follow With Yellow Dress

Makeup For Yellow Dress

1.Go For Natural Yellow

Yellow color is definitely a fabulous shade to consider for wearing the outstanding personality while going to attend a spectacular event.  However, it is important to go for natural shade. It looks fabulous on almost all beauty-conscious ladies.

2.Wear Yellow Carefully

It is important for you to know that yellow reacts to the surrounding lights. Therefore, it is important to consider the effect before wearing yellow. Careless attitude in this regard might cause you to compromise on various terms despite trying best efforts.

3.Yellow Looks Glamorous

Yellow is undoubtedly the best shade to wear. This natural looking color never depresses anybody because it suits even average looking ladies.

4.Natural Eyes

According to the leading beauty experts, you are always supposed to prefer natural looking eyes with yellow dress. This approach always helps to look sincere, disciplined and elite-class lady.


Yellow is a sober color. Thus, it is important to show the etiquette’s while talking with the people around or doing any other activity. Yellow dress requires good behavior to show its elegance.


There is nothing better except radiant cheeks. You never need to worry on any ground when it comes to get the desired effect. Use the blush to add radiance to your face.


Looks of your lips properly defines the health of your body and skin. Take best care for your lips if planning to wear yellow in coming days. Luscious lips increase the magnetism to multi-fold.

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top 10 wedding makeup tips

Top 10 Indian Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Top Bridal Makeup Artist In Delhi provides Best Asian Wedding Makeup Tips for every going to be brides.  In next lines, you will read the detailed information about proper hair care and makeup exercise. Never doubt these Bridal Beauty Makeup Tips on any term. They are perfect to depend upon. Brides of Indian weddings can confidently execute this makeup tips without any hesitation to look gorgeous in wedding photos. Execution of these makeup tips surely help to spread the sparkles in wedding party.

How To Do Wedding Makeup Yourself?

Here, we are providing the detailed makeup tips which will definitely help you to find the best solution for above question. Never even think to drop these tips on backseat. Looking beautiful with Indian Wedding Makeup is inevitable for every lady.

How To Makeup For Marriage Function?

These Bridal Makeup Tips for outstanding pictures will certainly help you to get ready for the marriage function without facing any kind of problem. In addition, you will remain protected against different kinds of unpredictable situations. Start the preparation now to increase your magnetism.

 Some easy to follow Top 10 Wedding Makeup Tips are as follows:

1.Avoid Sunlight

Take proper protection against sunlight with premium quality sunscreen. It is very necessary to avoid the harsh effects of sunlight.


Proper face cleaning is the key to look beautiful and radiant. Never avoid this exercise. Otherwise, dead skin cells and dust will accumulate on your facial skin to cause acne, blemishes and other kinds of skin related issues.

3.Sleep Properly

Every lady essentially needs to sleep for at least 7-8 hours in night to maintain the shine and appeal of face. As a matter of fact, skin requires enough time to heal itself.

4.Hide Blemishes

You are advised to properly use concealer in order to hide the blemishes. There are several options available in the market. Choose smartly that suits your skin.


Dead skin cells keep accumulating on the facial skin to cause different kinds of skin related issues. Consequently, it is very necessary to exfoliate the skin on regular basis to get rid of them.

6.Cut On Junk Food

Junk food always remains rich on toxins and oil. Always go for the fresh fruits and vegetables to keep skin protected against the harsh effects of junk food.

7.Consider Acne

Acne is one of the most basic problems among ladies. Take better care of acne with active lifestyle and proper use of premium quality cosmetic products.

8.Care For Dry Lips

You are advised to not turn eyes blind towards dry lips. Moisturize your lips on daily basis with coconut oil and other necessary cosmetic products.

9.Do Not Wear Excess Makeup

Makeup looks good but excess of makeup becomes heavier to cause different kinds of problems. Remove the excess makeup with the use of blotting paper to look perfect.

10.Radiant Cheeks

Cheeks are the most important part of your face. Make sure they look radiant with proper nutrition and health. To provide additional effect, you can also use blush with soft hands.

Best Makeup Tips to Go With Your Red Dress

9 Best Makeup Tips You Can Try For Red Dress for Party, Wedding & Festivals

Top Bridal Makeup Artist In Delhi says that you never need to pass through the tiring occurs to choose the dress of right color while going to attend a stunning event in the coming days. You can confidently depend upon the red dress to look outstanding among all people around. However, it is important for you to keep some tips in mind. Next, we are providing some important tips which will definitely help  to wear the ravishing look with ease.

9 Suitable Makeup Tips You Can Try With Your Stunning Red Dress

1.Sheer Glow On Red

Red is obviously a wonderful color to flaunt. Always go for a well-fitted red dress. This step will definitely help to look gorgeous.

2.Wear Red Any Time

This universal color can be worn for or all kinds of sparkling events in day and night.

3.Glam Look

Dependency upon this timeless color is a wonderful approach. It looks wonderful every time.

4.Smokey Eyes

You can confidently go for the smokey eyes to look different and attractive from others. Do it carefully with premium quality cosmetic products.

5.Fun And Flirty

Red is a color of fun and frolic. Therefore, you are advised to not give the serious look after wearing gorgeous red dress.

6.Lips And Nails

Red dress looks more beautiful when you wear matching colors for lips and nails. Suitable and premium quality products are easily available in the market. Never forget to buy them. Otherwise, you will lack on bigger terms.


Matching hairstyle is inevitable with expensive red dress. Always talk to your hair stylist in a free spirit to choose the best hairstyle according to your personality.

8.Radiant Skin

Radiant skin is very necessary to look phenomenal among all. Consequently, you are always advised to take best care for your skin with healthy food and active lifestyle.

9.Choose Eyes/Lips To Highlight, Not Both

Leading stylists recommend highlighting eyes or lips with red dress. Never highlight both of them simultaneously. It looks awkward on considerable terms.

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7 Must-Know Bridal Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

7 Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Besides ladies with fair skin tone even dark/dusky beauty can look phenomenally beautiful with right usage of makeup

Television industry has so far primarily focused on fair skin tone. But even dark skin tone is equally beautiful. One of the finest benefits of having dark skin is no tanning or some other kinds of problems which commonly occur with the fair skin tone.

Most of the Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Delhi like to carry out the detailed makeup exercise over dark/brown skin because every color looks fantastic on these skin tones. Read the detailed information underneath to know more about the same.

7 top bridal makeup tips for dark skin tone

Tip# 1 : Moisturize properly

Tip# 2 : Apply foundation

Tip# 3 : Right pucker color

Tip# 4 : Make perfect selection for eye makeup

Tip# 5 : Set makeup with effective use of powder

Tip# 6 : Go for bridal blush

Tip# 7 : To main careful while wearing makeup

Here, we are providing 7 top bridal makeup tips for dark skin tone.

Tip# 1

Moisturize properly

The first basic point to follow for dark skin is proper moisturization with premium quality product. Do it on regular basis for optimum results. Dry skin causes rough patches which makes it difficult to get the proper results even after detailed makeup.

Tip# 2

Apply foundation

Foundation acts as the first layer on your skin before wearing proper makeup. Therefore, it must be of good quality as well as apply evenly to make sure that other products deliver the expected results without causing any kind of problem. There are many types of foundation available in market. Always choose the suitable one. If, you don’t find one then mix two in order to create one.

Tip# 3

Right pucker color

Matte shade looks perfect on dark skin. For lipstick, you can go for pink to brown to chocolate colors. Even coffee color is a better choice to consider. You are also advised to apply the foundation before wearing lipstick of favorite color.

Tip# 4

Make perfect selection for eye makeup

It is very important for you to know that whether you are going to attend an event in night or in daylight. Women with dark skin can proudly flaunt bold colors like purple, green, burgundy, metallic copper and brown.

Whereas, go only for eyeliner and mascara if heading towards an event during daylight. Wonderful decision you made for the eye makeup better look you wear to mesmerize the people around.

Tip# 5

Set makeup with effective use of powder

Intelligent use of powder delivers perfect results. However, it is important for you to use in the right quantity. Otherwise, makeup will look heavier on your face.

Tip# 6

Go for bridal blush

You can confidently use cheek blush to glow among all people around. There are many colors to use like peach, wine, coral, rose, rose brown and many others. Go for the suitable one according to your skin tone.

Tip# 7

To main careful while wearing makeup

Perfect look is all about wearing the makeup with adequate quantity. Neither go for heavy quantity nor for less. Be careful during the exercise to look gorgeous.

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Office Makeup

Office Makeup Tutorial and Tips – Right Way in 2019

Office-going ladies always remain in hurry every morning. Therefore, they always find it difficult to give enough time to makeup exercise. If you are any of them and looking for the most helpful tips then read the information. Best Makeup Artist in Delhi  provides easy tips which definitely helps to look beautiful on either Casual Mondays or any Weekdays and Celeb Saturdays while giving minimum time to the makeup exercise. Confidently depend upon this exercise. This approach will definitely help to look gorgeous in entire office. All these tips are intelligently provided to make sure that you are spending less to less time in morning and maintain the office timings.

How to apply cool office makeup tips to look simple everyday:

These tips are sure to help each and every office-going lady in a perfect way. Read entire information now to help yourself.

  1. Make a base with quality cosmetic products. Always take proper measures of hygiene and cleanliness to keep different kinds of hassles and unwanted problems aside.
  2. Consider your eyes: Eyes are the most important part for makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to use quality products with careful hands. Also make sure that eye makeup must last for long time to reflect appealing looks.
  3. Apply highlighter in an appropriate way.
  4. You can also skip usage of eyeliner as it requires extra time to apply. According to the choice, you can go for kajal or get lines.
  5. Give some time to your lips. Go for attractive & suitable shades. There are several options easily available in market.
  6. Apply blushiee blush in required quantity.

Makeup Tutorial for Quick And Easy Look For Office:

Easy and Polished Office Makeup for Indian Skin in 5 mins!: These easy tips never require much time to cause wastage of time. However, it is important for you to do every exercise with careful hands and brushes.

  1. Primer: Effectively use primer to get the best results.
  2. Light shadow: Carefully apply light shadow for even skin tone.
  3. Dark shadow: Go for dark shadow when you are having heavy makeup.
  4. Eyeliner: Use premium quality eye-line for long lasting results.
  5. Mascara: Apply mascara with soft hands.
  6. Blush + lipstick: Never forget to use blush and lipstick is required quantity.

How to Apply Simple Every Day Makeup:

Follow these simple and quick tips to bring best of your beauty on forefront with limited efforts.

  • Gently wash your face
  • Exfoliate properly
  • Use premium quality moisturizer
  • Apply foundation with clean brush
  • Use concealer to hide dark spots
  • Apply a thin layer of powder for better results
  • Carefully use blush
  • Apply eye-shadow with careful hands
  • Effectively use eyeliner
  • Use mascara with soft hands
  • Use lip color

How to do Simple and Light Makeup for Office?:

None of the tips will ever require you to compromise upon precious minutes. Every step is easy and quick to follow:

  • Start with catchy eye makeup
  • Properly use cleanser
  • Carefully apply toner for lasting results
  • Go for cheeks radiance
  • Go for rosy lips
  • Effectively use moisturizer
  • Use powder if required
  • Use eye pencil
  • Use suitable foundation
  • Apply bronzer
  • Use perfumes

Office Makeup Looks You Should Try Right Now:

These tips are best steps to consider if you want to look gorgeous among all colleagues. You just need to give some minutes in morning to look ravishing.

  • Clean face
  • Use BB cream
  • Concealer (when need)
  • Give cheeks a rosy look
  • Go for right eye makeup
  • Enhance your lips
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