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About Us

About Alisha Mehta , Founder of La Lavanda Makeup Studio & Academy, and a celebrity Makeup Artist

It is righty said , that one’s personal calling roars loudly within one’s heart, when one is a child and since she was a pretty little girl, she adored applying make-up on herself and others , and finally she heard her heart’s voice to pursue her dream of being a make-up artist and joined Pearl Academy affiliated with London College of Fashion.

Her love and incredible passion for her art makes her a unique artist with seven beautiful years in the beauty industry as a make up artist. Her zeal and enthusiasm for her craft can be measured by the smiles on the face of her clients, when they get off the make up chair.

The living thought behind her style of artwork , is to enhance the existing beauty with a celebrative mood , which makes her style of art extremely exquisite, drop- dead , and chic.

Alisha has worked with celebrities for shows , fashion brands, Image Bazaar and a long list of gorgeous women who add to a list of her elated clientele. She has written about make up advice for La Fiesta.

Work is love made visible, said the famous poet Khalil Gibran and this love for her art, marked the creation of her own make up studio and academy. Before this she had worked as a makeup trainer at LTA and then as Head make-up and hair tainer at the the renowned Lakme Academy,Mumbai.

La Lavanda

Makeup academy


La Lavanda Makeup Academy is a leading Makeup training academy in India. Headquartered in delhi. La Lavanda Makeup academy offers certified Professional Makeup Artist and Professional Hairstyling courses.

We offer full-time and short-term courses for aspiring makeup artists looking to launch a new career in this industry, for professional artists looking to further refine their skills and build their existing repertoire as well as for those who just want to refine their makeup skills.

We always remain curious to help genuine candidates for making the bright career in the makeup industry. For the same reason, we always remain ready to train candidates as per the latest standard and trends. Strong basics for every aspirant always remain top priority of our training session. Therefore, we never compromise on any term when it comes to deliver the satisfactory results. The finest point of our curriculum is we do not require any entrance test.

All you need doing to understand the pros and cons of the makeup and cosmetics industry is to consult our representative once. Every executive in our staff always acknowledges your request on the immediate basis to provide the authentic and dependable information. During the conversation, you can ask any question regarding your expectations. Callers never spend a currency note to carry out the discussion with us. We answer all queries on free of cost basis.

Bridal Makeup Delhi

Professional Makeup Artist

This course is for those willing to build their career as a Pro Makeup Artist.

Lips Makeup Artist Delhi

Personal Grooming

Our self grooming classes provides a step by step practical knowledge guide and demonstration of how to do personal makeup proficiently,skin care, and personal hairstyle.

Hair Styling Image

Professional HairStyling

This course covers Theory &practicals,bridal hairstyles,Hi Fashion hairstyles, creative hairstyles,final assessment.

Know About La Lavanda Makeup Academy

We know that a phenomenal artist always remains hidden inside us. For the same, we always recognize the true potential to hone skills with strong basics. Instructors at out state-of-the-art studio always explain every aspect of the makeup industry with easy to understand language. They also make sure you are getting the expert hand during practical classes. There are however many academies in an and around the market but none of them takes care of aspirants as we do.
According to the detailed reports and opinions, our training is nevertheless free of all kinds of errors. Despite this, we never stop learning. We definitely keep eagle eye watch on every update of the industry as well as include in our teachings. We also remain flexible towards candidates’ queries. Consequently, it becomes very easy for use to walk the extra miles on their suggestions. Some main points of our professionalism are as follows:

  • Over One Thousand Certified Students
    So far, we have successfully trained more than one thousand. Uniform standards for everybody always remain our top priority. Therefore, we always prove the first choice among genuine aspirants.
  • Long Experience
    We have covered a long distance in the industry. Besides, we are aggressively storming new horizons.
  • Delhi's Dominating Makeup Academy
    For delivering phenomenal services to our esteemed clients and students, we have secure the top spot among leading makeup studios.


Makeup Training Institute

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why Join La Lavanda Makeup Academy?

Professional makeup training with us always proves a beneficial decision for the genuine candidates. They do only not understand all pros and cons of the makeup industry but they also get enough respect from our instructors. Our faculty along with entire staff respect every suggestion of the candidates to make sure that they gain enough confidence to serve clients. We always let them get hands on the practical class. Foremost points of our efficacy and business standards are:

  • Provide best knowledge with top trends of beauty & fashion industry
  • Resolve every query with credible solutions
  • Organize practical training session for everybody
  • Updates curriculum at regular interval
  • Always make sure that aspirants feel convenient while training with us
  • Make them understand every point to ensure strong basics

So that, they can properly understand how to serve clients in an effective manner while keeping all kinds of complaints and grievances away. Curriculum like our academy is not possible to study with anybody else. We do only not focus on the training but also try every possible effort to make sure that every candidate is getting the expert hand in customer handling while making effective use of high quality cosmetic products and latest equipment.

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We did not get into this business to win awards or to be featured in magazines. That said, it is humbling to be recognized for our craft.

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